Lickbyneck - the future of jazz guitar tuition
I've just discovered your site (via Youtube)and can't belive how good it is. At first I was impressed purely by the Joe Pass transcriptions but then discovered your own arrangements and they are all first class.
I'm a producer of music tuition video/dvd and buy dozens of books for research purposes and find many of the arrangements of standards unguitaristic(!) and, often, unmusical. Not so yours.
As for the program, I can't wait for a commercial version to be available;I'd use it all the time. Many congrats on a well-thought out program that will replace my use of Guitar Pro. Tell me when!
Keep up the good work - I'll try to spread the word from my end.

Mel Reeves
Guitar Instructional Video/DVD Producer-"Play Jazz Guitar NOW!" and other fine products
Somerset, England

Jerry Aull Photo

Fatt: I have spent the afternoon looking over and downloading many tunes. This is amazing: it is truly what I tried to do with Ted Greene for 25yrs! Also, if you play out, I'd sure like to see you play? This is such a contribution to the solo guitar effort. You've mapped out my lessons for a while to come! Thanks!!!

Jerry Aull
Jerry Aull's diverse background in sales, education, music, sports and business makes him a well-rounded and sought-after motivational speaker
Atlanta, USA

Hi. Just discovered your site. Love it. Great job. Plus the arrangements are well written.
Please keep the new arrangements coming.

Sandy Poltarack, Adjunct professor at Miami-Dade College. Jazz Guitarist. Private Guitar Instructor.
Sandy has performed live with such stars as Frank Sinatra, Jr., Little Anthony and the Imperials, Michael Feinstein, Lainie Kazan, Chita Rivera, Tommy Tune, Rosemary Clooney, Donna Summer, Paloma San Basilo and Raphael, and with world-class musicians like Pete Minger, Ira Sullivan, Vince Maggio, and many more.
Miami, Florida.

Just found it..Man! This is awesome!
I started out a guitar player then later I switched to drums.When returning to guitar, I was trying to find every possible source of material via music store and web sites. But when I just happened to run across your site I found on "YouTube", I thought I was dreaming..seriously. This has to be the guitar sites of all guitar sites. And I promise you, if someone decides to make me famous, I'll recommend "" to the world. Great work guys!!! Peace and Much Love....

Gary B. Perez/D'Menace Stahr
Fairview Heights ILL

D'Menace Stahr photo
Daniel Pellegrini Photo

I am a professional guitar player and teacher in Argentina, and I want to tell you that your work is amazing and reflects a great love and passion for the guitar! I play solo gigs, and I think we have similar styles. My main influences are Lenny Breau, Tuck Andress, Howard Morgen, Martin Taylor, and of course Joe Pass.
I forgot to mention in my influences the greatest teacher of all,Ted Greene! I learned a lot from his books and I think you have that kind of spirit in sharing your knowledge.
I wish you the best. Good luck!

Daniel Pellegrini, Jazz guitarist, solo and recording artist
Buenos Aires, Argentina

I too am a fellow Guitarist and IT Professional. I've used the computer in my guitar studies and music studies also. I must say this is by far the most facinating "tool" I've seen so far on Solo Guitar. I've studied at GIT in Hollywood California and graduated with the highest honors that Musicians Institute gives out. (Vocational Honors).
I love the way the program works with "finished works". It is a great way to demonstrate a lick over a progression in a song. The Guitarist can both see and hear how the lick should be played. They will walk away with not only the notes, but where on the neck the lick was played and also most importantly, the Phrasing of the lick. Many times we as Guitarist get the notes but not the "Phrasing" and then we wonder why the lick doesn't sound the same way we hear it, when we play it. I believe "Phrasing" is the missing link for us and I believe that LickByNeck offers the Guitarist the opportunity to work this out.
Thanks for creating this site and for allowing me to use your tool to bring what I too have learned to the world.

Colin Doc' Sobers,Professional Guitarist
(And a Kind Soul who volunteered to format and edit "CHORD-MELODY GUITAR: An Organized Approach" created by Tony Beltran)
Atlanta, Georgia

Colin Doc' Sobers Photo














Rich Daigle's photo

Your site and program are killer!!! Love the software! I can't say enough about the usefulness of this program. I think your program is an absolute must for anyone studying or attempting solo Jazz guitar pieces. Sure tab is fine, but to see accurate chord shapes move in real time is something never made available to players. You're resetting the bar in Music Education Technology! Thanks ! Your site is at the top of my favs!

Rich Daigle
Professional Musician/Instructor and Luthier
Salt Lake City, Utah

This is a very nice site, well thought out and the playing is quite good.
You have done some very nice work on your site, and I am definitely impressed. You have done a GREAT job in your arranging and playing. You have a very good command of bass lines and that bassline really makes your arrangements come alive. Instead of just plodding along as most chord melody playing does, yours have that "spark" to them, and they sort of bounce along in interesting ways.

Tony Beltran, Twin Cities (Columbia Heights, a suburb of Minneapolis).
Author of "CHORD-MELODY GUITAR: An Organized Approach"

Louis Photo Louis Robinson
While Louis Robinson has always been a performing songwriter, his career has included radio and television production and presentation
Atlanta Georgia , USA
You provide an invaluable source. I don't use your site simply to copy other's arrangements but to get really good ideas and voicings.
I would like people to know that your site is not just a cookie-cutter guitar tabs site, but also a great source of ideas. I have used many of your voicings in my arrangements. I have never considered myself a "guitarist", I only use the guitar to accompany myself as a performer but recently thanks to your site (and a wonderful guy called "TroubleClef" on YouTube) I have been taking the instrument more seriously. I hope that in the next few months I'll add some instrumentals to the audio and video pages of my website.
As a former Bluegrass banjo player my fingerstyle is not so much Joe Pass as a hybrid of ragtime, clawhammer and jazz chords. I'm trying to incorporate Django gypsy style runs into my fingerstyle playing - but where does one get help with that?????!!!!! (PS Tabs of Gypsy riffs would be a great page for you to include in your site - most Django websites only tease and are really selling lessons on line).
Finally, I'm sure your site will grow and prosper. I've already pointed friends in your direction. I tihnka you for your generosity in sharing your expertise.
Keep up the good work. Thanks!

You are so great!
I spend many times for your lesson which great and really perfect and help me from the third world who doesn't have money to come to study in U.S. Make more and more and more and more. Really thank you and don't give up to share your talent. If you do more you will get more and perfect.

Wasunshine Im-ote ("jazzyshine" is my nickname, but my student calls me "jazzy")
I teach professionally at music department, Payap University(Christian University), Chiang Mai Province which is a really good and beautiful northern area of Thailand. I teach jazz and modern music, improvisation, arranging, sound and recording, music research, combo.
I perform at Le Crystal (French Restaurant) six nights a week.

Wasunshine Im-ote photo
Hurricane Ramon
Professional musician ( although as a musician I have worn many hats ie. A Chef ) ,
City of Coachella ( near Palm Springs most people recognize Palm Springs southern California when it's mentioned compared to my town )

I can not for the life of me believe your so nice and generous to offer this tool for all to use for free , I hope donations will fully compensate you and the staff of LickByNeck , you are truly a asset to the community of musicians and those who wish to become one .

I have been working out a plan here in my city to start a guitar school for our cities children , I had not yet figured out the logistics fully and was wondering just how to make a maximum impact on my presentation to the powers that be ( city & local schools ) for this idea to come to fruition . Your free software is going to be a major part of my presentation :)
When I was young music instruction was part of the curriculum at my public school if you were interested .
Instruments where available to use and see if one had a talent to play a given instrument , trumpets , trombones , drums , clarinets , what ever , and then if you had shown to yourself and family your propensity to learning an instrument your family bought ( or rented to own to own ) your instrument from a local music store merchant .
What happened to those days I don't know I thought they were dead and gone . No instruments available in the schools any more , a budget restraint means fewer programs too . I know it's never going to be like it was as kid growing up here in my town , and this thought has bothered me for years and I wanted to do something positive , something in line with the times of today .
Then Fatt shows up with his free valuable software for helping to learn guitar and I see the light at the end of the long lonely tunnel .
Fatt's opportunity to open doors for kids who are in need to culturally be developed is the light in this case here of finding a way that will be effective and efficient for developing a broad and numerous group of students .
This week I go to the fellows who run the " adult " education facility and " pitch " my case for accessing the " computer room " to use for teaching kids in my town music theory for guitar .
They adult learning facility has 40 plus p.c.'s there , I am imagining all 40 computers with 40 kids looking into the world of guitar music theory and learning to play guitar faster and efficiently , in short :
Fatt's software will make it a smooth and fast track affair to help get kids up and running quickly on the guitar .
The library of available music to download for free Fatt has assessed is composed so far mostly by " standards " primarily and that is a really strong point in that will hopefully expose young minds to superior styles and genres of music to help broaden their horizon(s) in music and culturally improve their way of life in their process . .

For me it's a " TWOFER , a DOUBLE DIPPER " experience in that I am also a student too all over again as I use and learn from this valuable tool and then get to show others the " WAY " .
So far I have turned on two really good young guitar players on to this software since I downloaded it two days ago , they are amazed just as I am .

Thanks again for your important contribution to society .



Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This site is perfect!

Here is something a little special you might appreciate. I am 43 and disabled because of chemical poisoning from my last job. I rely on SSDI to make it from month to month, which is peanuts to live on. Because of your site I am able to teach a small group of students at a reasonable fee for monthly lessons, and because of that I can actually afford to pay my bills and have money left over to pay rent without taking on a roommate. Thank you. Your talents and kindness gave me a reason to live again.

Hey Fatt, this is ken lomascola. If you are the gentleman who is playing these songs and posting them for us to learn and enjoy? then you my friend are a guitar virtuoso and I tip my hat off to you. I would give anything to play like you. I have been waiting for a site like this for years. I can read music and love the way Stephen King plays as well. He has a very unique fingerstyle picking technique. However, you are awesome and I compare you to him and his level of play. God, what I wouldn't give to play like you guys.

Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't ever, ever close this site. I have waited all my life for a site like yours. I have an illness that prevents me from getting around alot, and your site gives me the ability to learn and practise my guitar without having to find a teacher.

Thank you so very much and God bless you,

Ken Lomascola, Guitar Teacher, US.

This is revolutionary teaching technology moving beyond tab to virtual guitar learning, the future is in this software.

Marcus flynn, BBC session guitarist
Oxford, England

Marcus Flynn Photo

This is fantastic and there is enough to keep me going for the rest of my life.
I won't hesitate to recommend your site to everyone it might help or interest.

Marquinho Da Costa, Producer in Brazil
Steven Berry,chartered Tax Consultant
South West, in Chippenham, Wiltshire, UK.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your site really IS awesome!
"This is the best site for anyone interested in becoming a better jazz guitarist. Through his amazing software, Fatt is the perfect guitar teacher ...available whenever I need him, at the pace I need him at."
I've been loving jazz guitar since high school in the mid '80's ... never could figure out how George Van Epps and Wes Montgomery and Joe Pass and all the other superstars could do it.
Had two beautiful kids, got into consulting, wrote a few books, studied Aikido, and the past few years I've returned to my love to jazz guitar.
Found your site through You Tube....unbelievable! Thanks for making it free. Now I can learn to play all those wonderful standards I've been listening to for years ... at my own pace!
I'll buy your software in a heartbeat if you ever decide to market it.
Thanks again!

Tim Warneka Photo
Timothy H. Warneka
Keynote speaker, Leadership Coach & Author
Cleveland, Ohio
Robert Arathoon Photo

With all the rapid advancements in music technology and in the education thereof, in my 18 years as a guitarist, I have had to pleasure to study/perform in places far and wide like Brazil, N. America etc, but I have never come across ANYTHING even remotely brilliant as 'Lick By Neck'! Fatt's creation is no doubt an amazing tool for any guitarist, regardless of level or experience, to study, analyze and devour the classic solos (and more), of all the greatest guitarists that continually enrich our ears and souls. However, the greatest testament to Fatt's work is the sheer effort he puts forth to transcribe these tunes, and then produce them into such a consumer friendly program! And he always does any requests I send him. What's his secret?! I dont know, but he has my endorsement 100%!

Robert Arathoon
Perth, Western Australia

Boys and girls at the lick my neck team your moniker is very suggestive but your work with the little application is just outstanding. Ever since I got your site loaded I`ve been mesmerised. That is most definitively brilliant way to lay a tune down bare.The results are fantastic and nobody chimps included can dare say they can`t do it. And guys the quality of the playing on the more... and some more.... is just gotta say it ballbreaking.
I`m an amateur guitar player and have more rock roots however the beauty of the pieces on show have really completely killed me. The beatiful tune that Martin Taylor magically weaves is now approachable. Thank you so much for putting this up. I promise to write something and share if it meets your exacting standards.Jazz is definitely not elitist after this especially since the guys who know tunes in India (where I`m from) have their balls in cold ice (unapproachable)I thank you once again from the bottom of my heart.
Thank you and have spread the word around the thing is in India are under the impression that jazz is a couple of guys playing a couple of unrelated tunes at once, so be patient I will convert these morons.

Floyd Fernandes
Electronics Engineer (I repair modify and install studio equipment),am also making forays into background scoring(music) for films.
Mumbai, India

Tynan Philips Photo

Your guys site is the best online guitar teacher there is and will ever be your 10 steps ahead of what anyone else is doing!! Thanks so much for the TUNES!!!

Tynan Phillips, Musician

Photo of Brazilian Jazz Guitarist JulioAmazing Work ! Great musicianship ! Very Generous !
Great Music! Great Arrangements!
Soulful Playing and a Tribute for the Masters !
Thank you so much !

Julio Herrlein
Brazilian Jazz Guitarist, composer, arranger and educator.

Mat Lomas photo

Hi, really like what you are all doing iwth this program and software, i realy enjoy the audio clips you have here, the playing is great with a lovely interpretation and time feel. As i said it was a lovely surprise to find something so useful and musical on the internet. It would definetly help alot of people out, thanks very much!

Mat Lomas (BA Hons)
Professional guitarsist and teacher
I live on the wirral in England which is over the water from Liverpool

Thanks so much for your wonderful site. It had help my guitar playing sooooo much.
i thanks again for your generousity in offering something so innovative and best of all that are available to guitarists like me . i had played in bands ,mainly mainstreams popular music, for so many years that i cant remember . I had grown out of the clubs / pubs scenes with music blasting out of my ears .Maybe its just a sign of getting old ? LOL .However,I want to give myself more time to study music, esp jazz music , in more depth ,But because of work committment , i cant attend a formal music course and finding a good private music teacher for my level is very hard .I am left with the internet and lots of complicated theory books which are not very practical ie it doesnt help me able to put together a tune.I was very frustrated at my progress and the lack of support available.UNTIL I TUMBLE ONTO YOUR SITE.Now i can put to use the knowlegde of the fancy chords that i learnt but did not know how to apply into practice through your arrangements .I can now able to learn to play a complete tune in one evening .which is absolutely amazing .this programe of yours is so intuitive ,its like having a real teacher being there , at any hours of the day and is definitely have more patience .
i had always dreams of one day able to play chordal jazz arrangements on my own . Now my dreams are comming true , thanks to you .May be even a part time career as a solo performer one day ?well i can only hope but ...At least i can now making good use of my old jazzbox ( a 25 yrs old gibson es-175 which i bought as a collector item ) .
For years ,I envied piano players who can always impressed their friends without the need of a whole band or expensive gears& backing tracks .i now envied no more .Thanks to your site . keep up the good work dude .

Stephen LE-ANH, Guitarist
Sydney, Australia

Photo of PJLewis

I just can't believe how wonderful LickByNeck is!  I have been a professional guitarist since age 12 (I am going to be 45 at the end of the month), and I was schooled in Theory, Arranging, and Guitar in high school and at Berklee School of Music in Boston. If I had something like LickByNeck years ago, I would certainly have learned quicker, and would probably be an even more accomplished guitarist today. 

This is a wonderful tool. Thanks again,

P.J. Lewis
Programming Manager by day … Guitarist by night
Port St. Lucie, FL.

I want to thank you for your fantastic Guitarplay which enriches the world of Jazzguitar so much.
Thank you for your marvelous playing,and keep going the wonderful world of playing guitar!!!

Michael Morenga
Author ,Guitar Teacher & player of course
Germany, near Munich
M Y P H I LO S O P H Y: L O V E & P E A C E & M U S I C

Michael Morenga Photo


I can't thank you enough. I have attempted to play guitar for many years. I gave up for 15 years to raise a son and now I'm looking at what's out there. I am so amazed at what you've accomplished.
I would also like to add that is an invaluable resource for learning tunes and styles of music that would
otherwise not be accessible or very expensive to study.
A dontation to lickbyneck permits this resource to be available to the guitar community.
I can't express how grateful I am to you.

Scott Folb,Consultant
La Canada, California

What a great site this is, how do you guys do it! live performances with tab, amazing...Ted Greene, George Benson...could you do some Johnny Smith or George Van Eps too? I was really stunned by your miraculous simplicity of live recordings with tab, that's just extraordinary! Danny Boy live with tab! That Benson riff at the end of that live tune is mind blowing to see in live tab!

Alan Traynor
jazz guitarist/teacher
Lawrence Kansas,United States

Alan Traynor photo








I hope that your site stays up, I am learning so much.  You are really  doing everyone a huge service!

Michael Kaplan,Guitar Instructor,
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"Lick by neck is a brilliant website and is a revolutionary tool for the aspiring guitar player.  It has been ingeniously designed by an individual whose talent, discipline, determination, hard work, and commitment is truly inspirational, as well as his kindness to share his wisdom with the rest of the world."

I showed a friend your site yesterday and he absolutely loved it. He impatiently left in a rush as to go home and quickly sink his teeth into it : )
Anyhow, Fatt, you are a remarkable gentleman for the things you create for other people and I know that they all love you and support you greatly!
The 'incredible' ammount of hard work you put into making such an incredible and brilliant website, in my opinion: the 'best' website in the world!

Branko Stefan, Musician/Tutor/Property agent, London, UK

Branko Stefan Photo
Seam Williams Photo

This concept is absolutely a brilliant way to study guitar!

Sean J. Williams
Operations Manager
Orlando, FL

You are providing a valuable tool not only to learn voicings , progressions and harmony but also musical theory with the chord notations. A tremendous innovation to learn the instrument and concepts of previous master musicians and artists. This would be like finding buried treasure.

Stuart Robbins
Friend of Wes Montgomery

This program is AMAAAAAZING. Fantastic idea. Thank you very much, one more time…

Fernando José Feres Sauma
Rio de Janeiro,Brazil


Fernando Sauma Photo







I play electric guitar and had recorded 5 albums (metal music) with my band in Germans labels and a few ep with others and we play also in Europe and USA . I learned classical guitar and classical piano too, but I dont have much experiences on learning Jazz music. To me , it was so difficult to mix chords with melody .
I am preparing for my music examination in July 2007 and this site help me a lot on how to play Jazz. It is difference to other programs like Guitar pro or Powertab where you could hear the real sound of the guitar. This help me on interpretation that I considerer is very important for guitar learning.
I strongly recommend this site that I found by coincidence in youtube , but I think that will be great if this program have score music too. Would be great for musicians and all the people who loved the guitar.
Anyway congratulations. This site is Great !!!

Wilber Gustavo Rosan Palma, Musician
Rostock, Germany

Joseph VanderStel's photo

It was truly a gift to have been able to stumble upon your site. There really is nothing else like it on the web, or anywhere. All I can say is, continue doing what you are doing; this site means more to musicians like me than anyone could know. Many Thanks.

Joseph VanderStel,Part-time jazz musician (I am in a jazz quintet)
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Great Site!
What an outstanding site, with exceptional music and a clear dedication to the Art. So good to see a site that is not merely "money grabbing" but is clearly putting such artistic effort into CREATING great music AND passing it on. WELL DONE!!!
May I once again wish you all the best. Keep up the EXCELLENT work!

Akil Hamilton
Life Coach (and on-going music student!)
Birmingham, England.

Akil Hamilton's photo
Photo of Miles Fenton

Bloody brilliant concept.  Especially for such as me who has played for fifty years but never learned to read music.
I love players like Ed Bickert, Barney Kessell etc. Wonderful idea which presents music in a non theoretical way.  This is a totally different and more intuitive approach which really helps ear players like me. Great stuff.

Miles Fenton.
Industrial Designer, left handed player that leaves the guitar strung right handed
West Vancouver BC, Canada.

You cannot believe the educational benefit I have gotten from your magic. You have invented a revolutionary training technique, and it could very well change the face of guitar music (or any other to which you might adapt this) and learning to play. It is wonderful, and would really revolutionize guitar lessons. If an instructor were to teach a lesson and then hand his/her student a disc on which their lesson is summarized using your Lick By Neck technology, imagine the progress that would be made in the ensuing week! Wonderful stuff, Thank you, and thank you again for your Lick By Neck transcription of Ted's stuff. I don't know how in the world you came up with it, but it is wonderful!
Finally, thank you so much for the music that you so graciously included. I sincerely appreciate it. I have been playing, "When You Wish Upon a Star," all evening. Thank you so much!

Mark A. Jensen,USCG ret. (very passionate about my music),
Pacific Northwest, in a city about an hour east of Seattle called North Bend(right at the foothiills of the Cascade mountains, and it is beautiful here).

Dion Te Momo photo

Loving the site, hope to play like you someday :)
It's just an amazing site for learning great music. I've told my students about it and they are already asking me about fingerings and ways of playing some of the tunes.I'm learning them myself as I have been kinda slack about learning the chord melody stuff, but this just makes it so easy it's scary! I'm working up to playing some solo jazz guitar gigs using the tunes on here and just adding my own flavour to them.
Thanks for a great piece of inspiration ! I'm grinning as I'm typing this :)
I'll be spreading the word!

Dion Te Momo, Musician/Music Teacher
Nelson, New Zealand

What a wonderful world you are creating by sharing your vast experience and knowledge on guitar playing! And using such wonderful software; yours is by far better and easier than any other course I have ever seen. I will recommend your site to every guitar player I know.

Hugo W. Cervantes
Global Infrastructure Manager at Ford Foundation
New York City and Mexico City (half and half of my time)

Hugo Photo








Great site. I think I love it more than my students.Your site brings back the fun of playing. For young players it's a great introduction to some wonderful music that was written, in some cases, more than eighty years ago, as well as some Classical and Baroque that may be lost over generations It helps to keep the legacy of Jazz alive. Keep up the good work.

Barry Lee
Guitar Instructor,
Western Jersey, bout halfway between Philly and the city (NY).

JIm photo Man, it would be a joy to have your program. I will put it to the best use
that I can. Thank you so much! Amazing!
Thanksamillion thanks for sharing your time, expertise, and passion.

Jim Mings

I think you have been very generous in sharing transcriptions of such great players with other people. And the way they are offered is particularly stimulating at studying these fantastic arrangements.

Paolo Giuliani, Vasto, Italy

Photo of Pablo playing guitar






Adam Aurisch Photo

Amazing!! Exelent bit of software guys, it's good to see you kept the file size in mind also.
Once agian guys i cant stress just how amazing the aplication is. I.m already seeing improvments in the way i play. To be able to visualise the chords whilst reading the tabs is very helpfull.
Overall i am very impressed and will be telling all of my friends. Good work guys keep it up! Thank you once agian.

Adam Aurisch
Snger/songwriter who have sung and played at many prestigous venues such as the Tivoli. (where Jet and Powderfinger play when they come to Brisbane)
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Great Program! Thanks for the Program!

George W Yontz jr
Guitar Luthier
Brethren, Mi

George Yontz Photo







Truly amazing work and a fantastic idea. I have been playing guitar for over 14 years and spent a lot of money on buying all kinds of guitar books and magazines and none of them are as easy to follow as the arrangements on your site. I thank you also for your generosity in making your site free to use, many others wouldn't!Keep up the hard work!

Matt Hall
Professional Musician
Camden, London.

David Colmano Photo

First my compliments for this amazing tool.
As I saw it the first time on YouTube I thought it would be one of the countless guitar methods for dummies that promises you to learn guitar in a few of hours. But after I tried it I discovered the wide range of application of this tool. It is as if you would have a teacher in front of you that you can interrupt whenever you want, that replays all what you want and this at the speed you chose. Your application is ingenious in the same measure as simple it is. Very brilliant. Thank you again for your great program and in order that I don't want to promise things a can't keep I only say I hope I will have enough time to contribute to this community by sharing some of my guitar arrangements.

David Colmano, Cartographer/Dr.
Italy, South Tyrol

I discovered this site through my teacher Floyd and Needless to say your work is amazing !! Absolutely Genius !! Thanks a million for the material you have already put up for us. For me I think this is the best way ever to learn or for anyone for that matter. Works great for students as well as teachers . Its really amazing how people come up with ways to help and share with other passionate musicians . I will definately spread the word and do all I can. All the best and Cheers brother.

Sunny Dsouza, Practicing Musician

Sunny Dsouza Photo
Gerardo Photo

I check your site for new arregements everyday. I work in a musical group, but my dream is to work alone and you are what i am looking for.
Thank you again! You are wonderful!

Gerardo Jose de la Cruz Gonzalez Vargas
Guitar player
Merida, Yucatan, Mexico

This is by far the greatest instructional web site i've seen on the net.
I'm a full time street musician playing in subways and the streets of NY. My practicing time is limited and I don't read music. I learn and memorize songs and licks by visualizing the shapes on the guitar neck. So your program has enabled me to learn so much material and demystify so much technique in one night that would have taken me months to learn. Your program is exactly what I needed. You don't know how happy I am to be able to digest so much guitar. Its like brail to a blind person. I can't imagine what I am going to sound like in the months to come. Thanks again.

Roger Ginns, Street Musician
the Bronx, NY.

I would just like to say that this is THE site I have been dreaming about for many years - THANK YOU!!
I had been trying out "When Sunny Gets Blue" and stumbled on your site...just fantastic. I could feel myself getting better in just one sitting.
As the governator would say, I will be back!!

Larry Driscoll,Clinical Microbiologist,
Northern Westchester N.Y

Larry Driscoll's photo
Alwin Aw Photo

I just want to tell you how great your products are. I'm glad there's somebody like you out there who's willing to share your passion of playing with the world.

Alwin Aw
Part-time guitar teacher. Marketing Assistant for GFI, a global security software company.
Adelaide ,South Australia, Australia.

Once again Fatt, I can't tell you how much I enjoy and appreciate your LickByNeck site and how much it has helped me in my guitar playing. Not only in your excellent arrangements but to actually hear the phrasing while looking at the notes on the fretboard. Those choice bass notes and chords are a sure way to develope the thumb and fingers on the right hand.
I am a retired Disney artist in Southern California area and have played guitar many years as my hobby and "stress reliver". Since I use mostly right hand fingerpicking, your LickByNeck site is just perfect for me. Along with the great arrangements, you can also play the songs in "classical" style very easily for those who want a more jazzy sound to their playing. Also, those minor 7th chord runs in different positions, are a great help to your improvising runs, just add a few notes in between and you're a "jazz guitarist".
I really look forward to your site...keep 'em coming.
Thanks again and keep up the great work.

THANKS for your continued contribution to your wonderful program.LickByNeck is by far one of the best programs on the internet. I have learned so much. You have my support.

Tom Zorbas
Guitar Player, Retired Disney Artist
Anaheim, California

Tom Zorbas Photo














My name is Watson Gomonda and come from a small poor country in the southern Africa called Malawi. I have been wanting to learn guitar but the problem is lack of music schools and materials and very good guitar players. most people here know very basic guitar. with the softwares that i downloaded am trying now to play a very professional tune.
I love this site. since i was introduced i always open this site. Keep it up.
so please if there is something else you would want to help our country produce very good guitar player please contact me on the same email address.

Watson Gomond, Marketing Student / Office assistant
Malawi (southern Africa)

Just a little word to thank you for your work. You guys are genius! Thank you so much ! And again congratulation for your work.

Julien VIOU
French guitarist
Berson 3390, France. 

I really want to thank you very much and tell you how much I appreciate your efforts to spread your knowledge! Your tool is extremely helpful! Since I don't have time nor money to spend on guitar lessons, I learnt (like lots of other people) to play by guitar books which explain to you intervall-structures, scales and finally chord-structures and arppegios. Now that I'm through with taht, I realized I can't play any single song despite the fact that now I have the knowledge to play lot of jazz tunes and finally take the last deciding step: Just make music. And there you come along with your incredible tasteful arranged and splendid played interpretations of jazz standards to help me learn them. Really, man, you made my day, and I'll play my fingers off rehearsing!

Tony, Germany.


I downloaded the ted album from the ted site about four weeks ago and am writing to thank you for putting it together.It has helped my understanding of his style and hence my playing tremendously.I have just found your site and intend to go through all the Pass arrangements and xmas tunes.Many thanks for all this,it is certainly the BEST learning tool that I have ever come across as it locks in the visual process much quicker than just the tab.( for me anyway)
The student doesn't have to learn the arrangements note by note but by just watching the neck and looking at the tab they will SEE the same ideas repeating over and over again and THIS is the essence of the style that they like.It becomes obvious and demystifies the whole thing.Its by far the best way to understand a certain style.Excellent.
Many thanks,this has really improved my playing and hence given me much enjoyment.

Dave Haddon
Guitar Player
West Cork, Ireland.

Hello, I saw some of your guitar videos on YouTube. The concept of using a MIDI guitar to record someone's performance and show it on screen for people to learn is great.

Ivan Freyman, Digital Media Specialist
San Diego, California, United States.

Ivan Freyman Photo
Richard McGuire's Photo

I just love this type of learning,. I have been looking for this. Will donate to keep this going,.
The way you have this done makes it so easy to learn the songs I've always wanted to play.
Thanks so much !

Richard McGuire
Bedford, Texas

Keep up the good work!
And i'll be regulary checking your site for new updates and i'll spread the word for sure!!!:-)
Thanks and good luck!

Dorphy Leonard, Architect
Haiti/P-A-P but frequently traveling to the US for family reason

Dorphy Leonard photo


All my life I've dreamed of knowing just what lines, chords, and bass lines my guitar heroes like Joe Pass and Pat Metheny are playing. Now, because of your software, I can know, and even to the point of exact neck positions and
fingerings. It's a revelation. And I do not think it need foster simple copying. It can allow one to see how sounds are made. It is totally amazing. Hooray!

Mike Sharkey
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
University of Wisconsin-Platteville
Platteville, Wisconsin ,USA.

Alex Lau's photo

Thanks alot and i'm having alot of fun using your site!
I'd like to say your site is great and i'll continue to use it and spread it by word of mouth !

Alex Lau Lai Chung , Student

You've got an excellent website, perhaps the best learning tool ever created.
I've already told my housemates about your great website, i live in a house full of musicians and every single one of us plays guitar, so now we are taking full adventage of the lickby neck visual song available on your website.
Thanks, You Rock!

Felix Butochnikow, Systems Analyst
Toronto, Ontario

Felix Butochnikow photo


Exzellent!A great idea ! This is an exzellent tool to work with and to make progress on the guitar !
First , let me thank you for this wonderful guitar site. You have transcribed wonderful music for the guitar.
I always had the problem what to play when I was invited to a party, to play Dowland or Bach was not the right thing but then I discovered these wonderful jazz standards !
Because your site is the best guitar site I found so far , and because I have really made progress with your software tool , you may use my quote.

Klaus Neumaier
Kirchzarten , Black Forest , Germany.


This site is amazing; the transcriptions are incredibly accurate.
I am beginning to play solo jazz guitar, as well as in a trio, and I have found LickByNeck to be an invaluable tool for learning. I will be looking eagerly in the tune of the day section for some more Joe Pass. Thanks.

Jeff Andrews, British Columbia, Canada.

What a fantastic---and generous—program! This unique approach to learning tunes makes a new level of playing and musicality available to the intermediate to advanced guitarist. It also promotes a deeper understanding of song structure and phrasing than simple tablature alone. And it’s much less daunting than going it alone with chord charts or unannotated sheet music, too. Keep the tunes coming! Thanks. I love the program and the playing is beautiful.

Michael Drexler, Assistant Professor of English, Bucknell University
Lewisburg, PA

I really enjoy using your fantastic program to play those jazz chord melody arrangements, keep up the great works and we will support your efforts wholeheartedly. Thanks a million.

Chung Wang, Hacienda Heights, CA.

Yesterday I installed parallels windows virtualization software in order to run lickbyneck. It works very well on my Macbookpro so I have had an opportunity to work with it this morning.
Do you have in on the origins of some of the "more" arrangements. I am playing thru Besame Mucho, which is very nice. Is this yours, or transcribed from a recording?
You have got some great stuff in there, and thank you so much for posting the Ted Greene arrangements, what a treasure.
Very nice program and some really nice arrangements you have done, congratulations.

Bill, Professor / Amateur jazz guitarist

I thought the site was excellent. What a great way to learn! Thanks so much for this wonderful way to hear Ted and the other greats and actually with enough work make it possible to learn their songs. Look forward to spending time learning. I look forward to the daily tune postings.

Thanks again and as always..............I love your site and daily tune postings. They are a really a treasure for learning chord melody arrangements. For anyone interested in expanding their knowledge base of chords, harmony, moving bass lines and getting together a professional sounding repitoire of arrangements, this is a priceless collection that you have provided, whoever is lucky enough to discover your site and the amazing software you have put together to share with all of us. 

Bruce Gordon , Charlotte , NC

This is AMAZING! I am so grateful to you for putting this together.
Did you literally transcribe this note by note and then program it into the software? Or does the software somehow read the notes? I am just amazed.

Aylon Samouha
SCORE! Learning Inc.
Vice President, East Operations
Chicago, IL.


It was by chance I stumbled upon your web page and very glad I did. My guitar idols have been the likes of Chet Atkins, Earl Klugh, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Tommy Emmanuel and now you. Your style of playing guitar has been my life long dream since I was a kid. I used to wonder how guitarists like yourself could play a tune on ONE guitar incorporating the independent bass lines, rhythm and the melody at the same time (where it sounds like 2 or more guitars are playing). I am still wondering how all this is done, but your arrangements is an
inspiration to me.
Sometimes I feel, I have come to a stagnant level of playing and unable to progress further but guitarists like yourself provides me with a goal to go further - thanks heaps! Although I play some finger picking guitar and when I see and listen to your arrangements, my standard of playing is just the tip of the iceberg and I have got a lot to learn.
Really enjoy your website. Again, thanks for your arrangements...although I'd like to learn your style of playing very much, at times, it would just be enough to listen to you playing
the is just faaantastic !

Allan Khaw
Melbourne, Australia


What a discovery, and an amazing site this is. Just the perfect way for me to study, using my intuition and without the demotivating process of learning to read music. Also my kind of songs.
I think your site is an eye opener for me. Used to figure it all out by myself, instead of spending time to learn to read notes or taking lessons outside my house. I often was stuck in the search of a chord that would take me from one side of a song to another. But, my favourite music visually on screen. Imagine me sitting with my guitar on my lap and two pair of glasses on my nose, staring at the miracle that appears.: SATIN DOLL .. I studied for two days at a row on your interpretation, and I must say; I wake up at night with glowing fingertips, but it sounds not bad at all.
I even have the possibility to improvise myself around your tabs. And won't get lost anymore.
Thanks for the amazing work you put in it.

Niek Kalberg, Netherlands.

hi guys...this is an extraordinary program. Congrats ! I am a long time guitar who player who can barely scratch a few chords and I used to create a slide show of the guitar neck with the notes printed on it to guide and teach would take me hours to splice all the bitmaps and place in sync with the tune. Your program takes away the tedious labouring and frustration out of it and leaves me the precious time to just emulate the chords and practice.
Great method for learning....thanks,

Andrew Star, Songwriter

I think you site is wonderful, and I love what you are doing. I think your software is so cool. This is definitely a wonderful. This is the best way to learn solos and your notes at the same time. This one of the best if not the best programs that I have ever worked with.
It is truly amzing what you have done and out of this world, what you will be able to do with it. I love it.

Manuel R Roybal sr. , Denver Colorado
I am in a band called "Jazz Del Barrio", We play Latin, Jazz, R&B,Fusion,Soul...

You do fantastic arrangements !
Your arrangements are great ! They've got "lots of meat on them" so they can be played as it, modified or simplified for students. Even though you're giving us your music for free - I'm looking forward to purchasing a CD of your playing whenever it comes out.
I wish you continued success.

John Sena
Musician - IT Professional
Tucson, Arizona

I don't play guitar that much--I play it only as a past-time. I like entertaining my friends with it while we're hanging out but I only know quite a few songs. Because of the nature of my work(Call Center agents in the Philippines are mostly nocturnal Lol) and my laziness to figure out how a song I like is picked, I depend a lot on tablatures I find on the internet which I find most of it boring. But when I tried to play a tune from this site to some of my new friends at work,they asked me how long have been playing the guitar, like was it by the time I was born! LOL! They even also asked if whether I go on gigs and play in bars and stuff. They thought I was a professional guitar player.
The site needs a bit of artistic touches but still it's the content that counts. Was really surprised of how good the tabs were and the free software!
I'll spread the word. More power to this site!

Mark Jan Rendell D. Vilo
Call Center Technical Support Agent, Part-time Clean-up/Inbetween Artist(Animation)
Caloocan City, Philippines

Thanks for your great contribution to online guitar resources. Guitarists should really appreciate (and support financially, if possible) the work that is made available so freely.

Michael S Bostock
Pastor, Occold Baptist Church
Suffolk, England.

I love your software! thank u for making this, GOD bless u
I'm not a guitarist, but I do know about music theory, chords, scales since I teach vocal and use the piano to accompany my students but whenever i play the guitar i always come back to the same chord voicings over and over again. by learning using your software, its easy to see how to apply those chords in a real life situation on the guitar. not just being able to play those tunes rightaway but you can also analyze them, what a great tool! thank you!

Indra Aziz
Jakatra, Indonesia

Great site and software, I finally got a way to learn a lot and easily
on chord style choruses. I apply what you teach to my choruses in classic bossa
nova style guitar and it sounds just great.

Maxime LEDON,"Melomaniac",
Limoges, FRANCE

Nice program -  helluva lotta work! Thanks for making this available
and coding all of these great solos. Your guitar chord/melody skills and
computer skills are quite superior. I will have many many hours of enjoymenht
ahead. Thank you very much for making this available. Thanks for all you do to help other guitarists. It's always a pleasure to learn new tunes this way.
You have changed history.

Phillip St.George,full-time General Manager of a home improvement company and part-time jazz guitarist,
Brockport, N.Y.

I find this program is wonderful.
I am fonding of playin' the jazz guitar and discovering this site has carried to
me to improve my acquaintances and performances more than the many didactic
books acquired or downloaded from the net. Ahead all!

Massimiliano Salvatore, Biologist ,
Italy- Via G.Galilei ,Lecce (Le),

I've just found out about this website. It's awesome! Thanx a lot for puting all this info online for free!
And I can tell you that for sure it's become part of my daily routine to work on some of this songs, one at a time, naturally! :)
Thanx again and keep up the good work!

Vasco Finuras
Professional musician and guitar teacher
Lisbon, Portugal

Many thanks, your idea is wonderful.
My lessons include improvisation lessons. Most of my theory lessons are explained in improvisation examples. Your tool is a great help in filling the gap between written examples and The guitar neck. I think you deserve a statue for that.

Antoon Janssen
Classical guitar teacher
Tilburg, Holland

I just love your website! Really helping me work on my instrument.Again, many thanks!

Roger Taylor, Suzuki Instructor, Arlington Suzuki Guitar Studio,
Arlington, VA.

The program is brilliant and sounds great! It's a great job you have done. I feel obliged to spread the words . Keep on good work.

Panu Chaopricha, Jazz guitar learner,
Bangkok, Thailand.


Great software! And good material! Thanks a lot!
Thanks again for your site!

Antonio (nickname Tonyo) Contreras
Guitar teacher
Seville, Spain

I commend you on this truly innovative and musical way of learning these incredible songs. Thanks again for inspiring all guitarists out there to play and enjoy the great music that is out there!
Thanks again for your tireless efforts!

Lee Matsuda, Amateur musician
Honolulu, Hawaii.

You guys are awesome!!--what a learning tool!!--
I am 67 years old. If the learning tools you have given us today had been around when I was just starting playing guitar, I would have learned faster, and been a much better player today.. But I am retired now and plan on learning as much as possible about music and the guitar, and you have given me the tools to make my learning much easier and more efficient--Thanks for designing such a great system!! I love what you are offering and want more.

Robert Wiese
Cottage Grove, Minnesota.


Hi. I just want to say your site is fantastic. It is so helpful and I love the songs you do.
This site has been great for the jazz combo I'm in. The harmonic and melodic ideas on here are great for our guitarist. Thanks so much.

Sophie Palmer, British Columbia, Canada.

Hi, thanks for your nice software LickByNeck, it's amazing resource!

Takashi Mimori , UNIX engineer,
Gonokami,Hamura-city, Tokyo,  Japan.

Wow, the new version of LickByNeck is amazing! I love the new features you've added, especially the "back one note" and the "slow play" feature. It will definitely help me to learn the Ted Greene arrangements! Thanks a lot.

Paul Vachon , Los Angeles, California

I really enjoy your lick by neck program! Thanks again, and keep up the good work with the software!

Andy Brown,Jazz guitarist,

Hey man, this is the best site on the internet thus far. I also wanted to let you know that the Joe Pass, Ella Fitzgerald tune was off the charts, let's face it the whole site is off the charts, anyway great site. You know people don't realize what you are doing there, I do. Kudos my brother. Thanks bob

Bob Heath , Music Arranger, New Jersey.

Awesome! Hi there... Ive only met Jazz a few years back but I love it and I really want to learn! really glad to have found this awesome site to learn from! thanks heaps and hopefully 1 day Ill be playin Jazz live on stage some day!!! wooohooo! lickbyneck rocks!!!!!!!!

Patrick Mose,Liaison Advisor by day and worshiper by nite,West Auckland New Zealand

Your software has helped me alot with my guitar.
I saw your lickbyneck tab for "Summertime" on youTube. I have always wanted to learn that song and now i can play it!! Thank you Tons!

Chris Byrd, North Texas.

Thanks for amazing program and all your affort !!
Thanks for your heart to share your valueable experience.

Soo Hyeon, Jazz Guitar Player

Oh..I can´t believe it!!! I´ve got it!!!
I'm a brazilian guitar player!!! Congratulations for all of you!. It is fantastic.
A big hug.

Roger Augusto Pereira Mota, Brazilian Guitar Player,
MG state, Brazil.

I love this site. I'm actually a bass player! These arrangements really open my ears to the harmonics possibilities solo-wise,...which I'm trying to work on. Thanks for having all these great tunes up like this!
You have a great educational site! Musical notation that corresponded to the tabs would be of great benefit for those learning how to read music.

Pierre Johnson, Bassist / High School French Teacher
Fort Pierce, Florida (on the Atlantic coast)

You've done a great job!...i'm blessed to discover your site.
Your approach to guitar playing "solo" is very much what I'm looking for. Chord voicing plus
bass note run played at the same time is just perfect. It made me feel I'm on a different level of guitar playing. Thanks again.

Rex Punzalan
Acoustic guitarist of a Praise and Worship band
Church: Hope Christian Fellowship
Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

Whoever is transcribing all of these tabs, i just want to say you are unbelievable talented and your generosity is immeasurable. thank you for all your other tabs. Every tab transcribed for solo guitar playing is in my opinion, absolutely satisfying. Absolutely perfect for the guitarist that doesn't sing!
By the way, your contribution writing these solo guitar tabs FOR FREE, allowed me to purely enjoy playing guitar again.
Thank you, because that byproduct of those solo tab transcriptions is priceless. I am definitely going to show this site all my guitar buddies.

Harrison Ha
Full time student in Chico, CA

So cool!!
I send this mail from Japan. Because of my poor ability of English, I
cannot explain how nice this site is. Thank you so much. ARIGATOUGOZAMASU (in
Japnanese "thank you very much").

KURITA Yukihiko, QC Manager of a plastic parts contractor for Toyota,Suzuki,Nissan,Yamaha
Non-professional and local (rural) musician who likes Jazz and Bossa Nova and Classical music
Hamamatu city, Sizuoka prefecture, Japan

Dear Sir, you folks do a wonderful job. Thank you, Thank you and Thank you.
Keep up the good work; I am sure that they are many other very busy CEO’s like my self that would love to discover your wonderful site. I am also a great fan of Martin Taylor; thanks to you guys I can now play a list halve the Mona Lisa.
I already pass your site information to some of my professors friends at UCI in Irvine California.
Thank you for creating such a great site.

George Gaffoglio,
CEO Metalcrafters Inc. We manufacture Concept and Prototype Automobiles.
Irvine, California

I love this site! I dont know how you figure the songs out but it is amazing!
I just learnt 'Almost Like Being In Love'. I love all the old songs by Dean Martin and you have loads and there are just fantastic and fun to play. i have already told my friends about the site, some of which already knew about it! Thanks!

Thomas Brady ,Works in retail but love to play classical guitar and the mandolin for fun!
Tunbridge Wells, England, UK

I stumbled by accident onto your site and just wat to say a few words...Your site is tremendous !!'s great having such super tuition free of charge. I feel that your site encourages people like me to keep on pickin' !!
I have been playing guitar since I was a kid ! (46 now !!) I love all styles,especially chord melody and its so refreshing seeing other guitarists sharing information and techniques on how to play. In my book the more musicians and students of music there are out there, the less trouble therew'll be !
Great stuff and many thanks!

Dr Raymond H Fox (Engineer not medical !!)
Suffolk, England, UK

What a great site. Thanks for posting this stuff. Great variety and awesome format. You got a great idea here.
I have an undergraduate degree in psychology. But my passion is playing my guitar. I love to play all sytles of music and that's why I like your site so much: lots of styles and songs to choose from PLUS its presented in an inovative fashion that is conducive for learning. Its so cool to see tabs finally come to life and in real time move along with the actuals notes that are being played. I will totally spread the word, keep up the good work.
Thanks again.

Jay Zeppa
Social worker
North Bay, Ontario, Canada

Fabulous work!
In twenty plus years of guitar playing, this is by far and away the most rewarding tool to assist learning. As an IT technician, I must also commend the superb software engineering achievement. All the very best to team LickByNeck.

Ian M Lyall
Managing Director, Idea Group Ltd.
Hertfordshire, UK

Hi, I found your site through youtube yesterday. Very impressed. Its definitely turning me on to some Jazz.
I would like to say I'm fully addicted to your site. Pretty sure I'll get RSI soon! The tune of the day thing is excellent. Really appreciate all your work. Will be sure to pass on the word. Thanks.

Ben Dowty, Teacher
Wenzhou, China.
I am the guitarist and songwriter of the band "Pirates Floating On Tea"

This is the greatest thing for a guitar player since the guitar was invented.
I have been trying to play jazz and bossa nova for "centuries". This is perfect.

Bernard Tchoula
Computational Statistician for a pharmaceutical company.
Indianapolis, IN.

Wow, its really good site,i've found my 'Dont Know' Why in this site, and now i'm playing it. I Hope any kind of song espcly jazz will be available in lickbyneck. Coz i think this appl is more easier and powerful then other guitar appl (such as guitarpro). Thank you very much lickbyneck!

Arryadi Fachrul, IT Developer
Bogor, East Java, Indonesia

I must say....this is the coolest web site ever. I've been playing rock guitar for 30 years and now transitioning into jazz standards. What a challenge. I've been working on "can't take that away" The chords are so beautiful aaaand so challenging. Who is the guitar player on that track??? ........not the joe pass version.

Paul Maggi
Pleasanton, Ca

Thank you, your work is great!
I love chord focused arrangements, yours are some of the best, with nice
swing and bassline movement. Keep it up!

James Jewell MD,Amature coffeehouse performer
Binghamton NY, USA

Hey there! This is the most useful and amazing site i've seen in a long long while. Thanks so much.
I'd like to add that all your songs don't sound cheesy like some midi teaching files at all. In fact, the chord voicings are quite on the professional level, including the way you playcertain passages. It's a real treasure chest to find this and I am so excited to continue learning again.

Jeremy Siew, Digital Artist & Illustrator
San Francisco Bay Area

Thanks for the truely superb arrangement of Hotel California. It is recording worthy.
I came across your site by accident. I am an avid guitar player. Always on the lootout for classy guitar arrangements. Your site full of them. I already strated working on them. I try to master the fretboard by playing well arranged music like yours.

Nick Fian, Designer
Los Angeles, CA.

Excellent program you have created here.
Great website! Cool song collection.

Paul Lee, Fingerstyle guitarist
Northern California

The Content on this site is exceptional by any standard. It is an inspiration to an old Busker.
Keep up the great work.
Thank you.

Matt Appelbaum
Former professional musician now, specialty green coffee importer/broker
South Carolina

Hi there! This site is so great! It's what I would have needed my whole life!

Christine Harenberg
Music teacher at a school in the south of Germany (minor town)

The program is fantastic, a great visual/audio learning tool.
Keep up the great work, it really is the best.

Ivor Nathan, Creative Director
Melbourne, Australia

Hulo, this website is really very super duper great. i appreciate it very much. hail to LickByNeck *hat off* ive been learning to play guitar on my own but cant play much. i like the sound of melody guitars especially those in jazz and bossa nova type. and with this website, i can learn so much. im feeling very excited about learning from here. and i should say this is the first time that i found a website that is providing guitar lessons for free. im grateful im grateful i didnt do my college assignment and search youtube and accidentally found LickByNeck (yay!) I wish Lick By Neck to be big one day and thankyou for all the guitarists, the pros and the people behind Lick By Neck *cheers* thankyou very much :] *cheers*

Edith (no surname. Its not much used in where I grew up.)
Landscape Architecture student
Bekasi - Indonesia / Singapore

Just a note to ay how useful this site is. I would never have got to play some of these standards without this aid.
What I like about Netkast is I can stop, pause, hear the rhytm. If I used many of the fake jazz books to learn a jazz standard, It would take so long and I'd lose the momentum.
I have learned Autumn leaves and Let's stay together. I am a bit clunky but at least people think I can really play :-)
I have also picked up loads of ideas from your transcriptions to use in other playing areas.
Keep up the good work.

Pat Duggan
I am a middle aged I.T. guy, been playing years but not really studied.
Manchester U.K.

I just have to tell you what a master piece your cover of Stairway to heaven is! All my guitar friends are now trying to learn your version of "Stairway to heaven"
it is only by this website I can learn play good songs! Thank you for a great website. keep it up that way :)

Alexander Löfström
Student of Scanias industry school in Sweden


Thank you for an amazing guitar experience! I never thought i'd ever get to see how Ted Greene played those tunes so Beutifully.
Solo guitar playing is not easy.........I can use all the help I can get. It's a good way to practice.

Bob Gannon, Truck driver---would be guitarist
Santa Rosa, CA

So many thanks for your help to beginner guitar player ! On the net, there are not so many good tabs, and it is a great pleasure to discover your website.
Continue this great job, Thanks!

Alexandre THIERY, Mathematics student who loves playing the guitare
Paris, France

hi thanks for the wonderful and generous website! u play really nicely too!
Every guitar player should bookmark Fatt's wonderful website. Thank you for your generous contributions to the art of solo guitar playing, I love your arrangements and they really helped me to learn to play in this style.

Henry Wang
Student at University of Queensland

Thank you for this service, I will continue to support you with some cash to keep this viable. I wish you good Karma and hope that you feel appreciated.
Sleep well as you have contributed to mankind's development.

Glenn Jeffries
Sydney, Australia

Your arrangements are fantastic!
I browsed a dozen or so of your arrangements, and they were all excellent.

CPA in San Jose, CA.

This is by far the best system I've seen.
Gret work!

Cliff Green, Teacher
Los Angeles, CA

Great Site - Great arrangements!!! I am amazed that you are able to create so many high quality solos! Keep 'em coming!

Joe C.
Graphic Designer
New York City.

Hi, such a great invention your software! And free! Your arrangement are really one of the most wonderful I eared, thanks.

Enrico Gilli, Social Tecnician
Centre Italy

I reviewed some of you songs/arrangements and really like the approach.
Thanks for your effort, I think this is great!

Kurt Olinger
Environmental Scientist
Middletown, Delaware USA

Great concept! Great idea! I do really like LickByNeck! This program is so great.. but your music transcriptions is just outstanding!
Definitely something to have a look at if you're a guitarist or if you want to be one!
Keep on!! You Rock!

Alessandro Morandi, Programmer
Rome, Italy

You have created an excellent program. I think LickbyNeck simulates an actual one-on-one lesson with a "live" instructor except for the instant feedback that an instructor provides. Other than that it's the coolest tool next to a professional instructor! Keep up the good work!

Daniel Smocke, Appleton WI area

I love your lessons so much they improved my guitar playing a lot.
Thanks again for you kind work.

Tyrone Lee, Driller Offsider
Perth, Australia

i love the site and i love these downloads..i'm learning a lot and its helping me so much with developing my finger speed and coordination..thanks hope to see more soon

Justin Swihart, United States Air Force
Republic of Korea

Wow! You are a fantastic player. thank you for sharing so much with us. this is a great jazz guitar site. Again, great job and much continued success.

Milos Savovic, Bookmaker
Podgorica, Montenegro


Thanks, Love yoursoftware. I was looking for almost exactly this some years ago.

Constantino M Valmaseda, Msc,
Berkeley, California

Thanks! I've loaded the software and have been enjoying the program. Terrific stuff! Keep up the great work!

Matt Martellari, Granada Hills, CA.

Great site and really do like the LickByNeck approach.

Jim Bluhm, Computer Systems Professional, Washington state.


Nice website here
I can be a top player if i know this site 10 years before..

Hendra Hierawan, Guitar Hobbiest
Bandung, West java,Indonesia

Thank you! I like this site. Admiring your work!

Roland Schmäche , Berlin, Germany.

You made me very happy with your chord melody and fingerstyle arrangements.

Nenad Vucemilovic, Guitarist for 40 years, Zagreb , Croatia.

I greatly enjoyed your software of the Ted Greene tunes. Thanks for all your good work.

Rupert Parker , London, UK

Hi..i'm a big fan for sinatra,nat king cole and oldies tunes. Tq for a
wonderful site. Keep up the good work

Dani Daud, Negeri sembilan, Malaysia.

Thanks for your arrangements, and the wonderfull tool lick by neck is.
I always try to learn a little more. Among the tools i use, I recently discovered lick by neck on the net. I find it wonderfull because it gives me opportunity to try and learn other arrangements for jazz standards.

Gilles Thibaud
Soissons, France

This is brilliant!! Fantastic!!
I like what you guys have done, the graphic of the guitar and the notes, the song selection you have are excellent!!

Shamiel Soeker, Florida, South Africa

LickByNeck is a very good idea. It is revolutionary and very marketable - apply a patent.

Kristian Rusch, Geologist
Berlin, Germany

If I were to express what I feel about this site, half of it would be censored... Can't really thanks this site without having to use certain adjectives which are not children safe...
I love your work. Excellent stuff. THIS SITE EFFING ROCKS!
I was just wondering...have you guys actually taken a bow yet and received an applaude? Ok, if you haven't yet, stand up right now and know that I'm clapping on the other side of the world. If you don't stand up the world is going to end because God will be angry for you not being acknowledge or having been congratulated.

Nov 28 2007

Samuel Tu'itahi
Auckland, New Zealand

Thank you for transcripting Brasil,I'm a littke euphoric right now. Great site!
My guitarist teacher is also interested in your site, and also happy with the Brasil transcription.

Zeger Droeshout, Student
Liedekerke, Belgium

This is a great website best 1 on the internet. YOu have truely set the mark great job guys.

Jay Beard
St Louis Mo
Piano salesman and instructor

Your program is GREAT! Best I have ever seen!!
Thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!

Philip Li, Guitar Teacher
Ontario, Canada

I love the arrangements that you have already posted - keep up the
excellent work.

Bob Dean, Engineer,
Cheshire UK.

Thank you so much for making a site as great as this one. I'm a visual learner so this is perfect for me. Good luck with your soloing and I hope you make it big! Thanks Again.

Ryan Janko, student
Phoenix, Arizona.

Your stuff is great. I particularly like the Joe Pass section! Wow!

Rich Sha, Retiree
Silicon Valley

Thank you very much for the job you're doing! Thank you again for being in the net and ciao!

Gian Nicola Belcastro, Rome,Italy.

Thanks for taking the time to set up such a great site. I plan to use it to learn to do more than
"just strum" , which is about all I do right now!

Jim Camp
sales rep, Washington

Good evening from Hungary!
It's awesome what you can help me supporting my song lerning, many thanks for it.

Zoltan NOVAK, Businessman
Budapest, HUngary

The Best!
My friend and i from israel thanking you for the amazing software and the tunes. its the best , nuff said!

Eyal Glinik
Sstudent, 19 years old
i live in israel kfar saba

Thanks for all the lovely tunes, available to us all.
All the best and success with your splendid site.

Richard Schram
Learning Internet Marketer
Wales, UK

Terrific! Wish it had been available long ago. Looping is a great add-on.

Tim Roark, Technical Support/Trainer
Kent, WA

You arrangements are excellent! Thank you.

Paul C. Graffagnino
Jazz Guitar Enthusiast
Orange County, CA

You are doing a great job!

Timothy Martella, Attorney
Los Angeles

Your website is the best in the world.

Tom Shin , Numismatist
Anaheim, CA

thanks so much, a great piece of work and dedication



Just joined the site. Wish I had found it sooner. Great site to new tricks and learn chord melody.

Roy, King George, Va

Thank you very much for the excellent lessons.

José Antônio Rosa
São Paulo - Brazil

Interesting and great work.

Peter Cavanagh
Melbourne, Australia

Great site!

Mike Schiewe
Environmental Consultant/Amateur musician
Seattle, Washington


Thanks for sharing your guitar software. I'm retired and can't seem to get enough of your software. It's been a very enjoyable experience playing with your program.Please keep up with your talent of making us amateurs smiling with your music programs.

Anonymous, Hawaii.

This is absolutely brillant. Both the transcription and the coding into
software skills. Just amazing.

Anonymous, Oregon.

Great work. very inspiring. thanks

Thierry Anglade, Connecticut, USA.