Introducing LIVE One-On-One Online Guitar Tutoring System

Illustration Of Online LickByNeck Tutoring

Dear Visitors,

I am glad to introduce to you my latest software - LIVE One-On-One Online Guitar Tutoring System (haven't thought of a nice name yet, maybe you guys can help ;-) ).
I had received a lot of request to conduct one-on-one solo guitar coaching over the net. I was hesitant to do it because I couldn't find a satisfactory way to conduct such private lessons over the net.
Enter this new baby!!! Now, I am ready to do it with this software which I had just developed. It is similar to LickByNeck ,which display the animated fretboard , but instead of playing back pre-recorded playing, it will display whatever I play on my guitar ,on your screen, LIVE!!!
Basically, you just need to download this software, meet me online ,connect to me and whatever I play on my guitar will be displayed  on the animated fretbaord on your screen. The benefit of this over LickByNeck is that I am able to give you feedback, step-by-step coaching on solo guitar playing and you can stop me anytime with any questions you have.

If you are interested in finding out more on taking private lessons from me, please drop me a message:


Thank you for your continuous support!!
p.s. Coming soon - Fingerstyle Guitar Hero!!!